Get Your Car or Truck Ready for the Summer Heat!

Summer is beautiful in Colorado but we can get some very, very, hot daytime temps. I wanted to give some basic tips on caring your car, truck, or SUV and the used auto parts that make it up. In Colorado and Denver, the heat of the summer is great for BBQ’s but tough on engines and transmissions. So let’s start with the cooling system.

Why We’re United States Leader in Recycled Auto Parts

JTEC have been in the salvage yard business for years. Our expertise gained through years of experience put our name at the forefront of the industry. We uphold quality service and used auto parts and we never failed to deliver that promise.

Quality Used Auto Parts in United States!

Used Auto Parts Professionals

We’re dedicated to bringing the city of Denver the highest quality used auto parts and service in our sector. Auto salvage or used auto parts can be a difficult product to deliver and meet customer expectations. Wrecked vehicles come with many variables and sometimes hidden damage, but at JTEC we do our best to pay attention to detail and utilize the latest technology to get our customers the right used auto part the first time.

Remanufactured Transmissions vs Used Transmissions

At JTEC, we specialize in providing used auto parts to both wholesale companies like body shops, garages, dealerships, etc., and the general public. We work hard to make sure we provide quality service, quality used auto parts, and quality on time delivery all over the Denver Metro Area and Colorado Springs. When a transmission shop, garage, or dealer is looking for a replacement transmission, they will often compare two different products in determining which is a better value and fit for the customers vehicle. These two products are used transmissions and remanufactured transmissions. Let’s dive into the pros, cons, and differences between these options.