Why We‘re United States Leader in Recycled Auto Parts

Top Reasons Customers Love JTEC

JTEC have been in the salvage yard business for years. Our expertise gained through years of experience put our name at the forefront of the industry. We uphold quality service and used auto parts and we never failed to deliver that promise.

JTEC are advocates of the environment simultaneously helping our clients save money on their car repairs. JTEC always guarantee top-notch service, high-end quality used car parts, and peace of mind to our automotive professional affiliates and valued customers. We guarantee competitive pricing, fast transactions, and immaculate installations without compromising quality.

High-Quality Used Auto Parts
Standard Used Auto Parts Quality
In JTEC, the used car parts we sell are of consistent quality. We understand that used car parts project several physical issues and unseen damages that may lead to even more problems in the future. That’s why JTEC take extra time to ensure every used car part we deliver is of high quality. We prefer quality over quantity.

JTEC created a strategic quality control system to ensure our high standard quality. We are a team of professional recyclers that works with straightforward passion to our mission to help save the world one car at a time and help our clients save money on car troubles.

Used Auto Parts With Reliable Warranties

JTEC is a customer-focused salvage yard that is transparent to the risks of buying used car parts. As part of our outright effort to bring ease of purchase to our clients, we formulated warranties that benefit our fellow planet lovers. Hence, we give at least a 90-day warranty to our clients for used mechanical car parts such as recycled transmissions and engines.

Used Auto Parts At A Reasonable Price
At JTEC, we use a systematic pricing technique to assure each client gets a fair price. Also, we want to render the cheapest price possible while delivering high-quality used auto parts.

Saving Money While Saving The Planet
Recycled auto parts are ethical choices in contrast to new OEMs. Our company goes above and beyond delivering used car parts to our clients. Our operation is designed to protect the environment. We make sure we leave minimal to no harm to our planet. We practice safe waste disposal management in ur wash bay water, reduce water usage, no water wastage, and ZERO drainage oil or solvents. JTEC is a progressive team of experts that extend straightforward efforts to innovate to protect our beloved planet from pollution.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Sales Staff
JTEC extensively trains sales staff to equip them with the right know-how about the nature of the business. They’re not only there to make a sale. Our valued sales team is there to help our customers with their concerns, questions and give solutions to their problems.

Wide Array of Used Auto Parts
JTEC regularly update used auto parts inventory. We aim to deliver used auto parts in the most convenient way possible while giving them concrete information about the availability of the used car part. JTEC is all about time efficiency, and practicality.

Old and Obsolete Used Auto Parts
JTEC understands the struggle of finding a car part that suits your old or obsolete car model. On the brighter note, we made an extra effort to salvage obsolete or old cars to cater to this specific demand. JTEC offers used car parts for obsolete car models at a competitive price.

The Modern Salvage Yard
JTEC is a dynamic company that goes with the current trends. We even went digital to bring even more convenience to our customers. Our physical store is far from the status quo perception of salvage yards. We want our clients to feel comfortable when visiting our physical store and our sales staff to have a conducive and clean working environment. JTEC take pride in their profession and advocacy. Our knowledge in this industry drove our company’s success. JTEC is a salvage yard with a strong standpoint on promoting sustainability in the business while saving you money and the planet.